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Customer Shares

I love receiving images and stories from customers.  Here are some of my favorites.

"We’ve purchased orders and pop-ups, eager to try every flavor and so far none have disappointed. Each and every cupcake is beautifully decorated and divinely delicious - truly the best treats around! Will be ordering some for our soon-to-be 2-year-old’s birthday party, and may splurge on a cake to celebrate the birth of our second. You won’t find a better cake/cupcake anywhere, period."

Emily Reiersgaard Razavi, La Crosse

"Tiffany, you make the most amazing cupcakes and the frosting is to die for! You are so creative with your different flavors! Highly recommend you anytime!"

Heather Schubert Brice, La Crosse

"9.5 months exclusively pumping for my son and my husband had this cake made for me to celebrate! The cake was perfect!! It looked awesome and tasted even better! Already thinking of future celebrations to place a custom order with Cupcake Artistry!! Thank you!"

Amanda Stein, La Crosse

"Every Thursday 3 sets of neighbors meet at our neighbor's for coffee and cupcakes. It’s just a 60-90 minute visit and catch up.  Kids not invited as they change the dynamic...and it’s 6-7 neighbors easing into the weekend with an adult play date! Your cupcakes makes it happen! You are creating hospitality friendship and and a sense of place and fellowship every Thursday!"

Jennifer Schilling, La Crosse

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